Dr Loretta G. Platts

  • Research Associate

Loretta G. Platts is now a researcher at the Stress Research Institute, Stockholm University.

In close collaboration with team members from the Institute of Gerontology, Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine, King’s College London, Loretta generated work and family histories covering ages 16–55 years for men and women from three British longitudinal datasets. After analysing the histories using sequence analysis, Loretta and the WHERL team have used them to model older people’s changing finances and state of health as well as their subsequent labour market behaviour.

Loretta has also been analysing returns to paid work after retirement in the United Kingdom, and is extending this work to Germany and Russia.

Blog Posts

Reversing retirement

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Dr Loretta G. Platts

Health effects of working beyond State Pension Age in England

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Dr Loretta G. Platts